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Forest Honey 500gm

600.00 300.00

The Nutrigain organics forest honey is produced by bees from oak, holm oak and cork oak forests. Actually, it is considered honeydew, since it is not made with the nectar of flowers but from the sugary solutions that bees collect from the leaves of the trees.


Jaggery Cubes 500gms

200.00 160.00
Nutrigain Organics’s delicious honey- brown Jaggery is a 99.9 percent natural and chemical-free sweetener. Rich in minerals, it is sourced from the sweetest & softest variety of sugarcanes organically grown. Replace sugar and add organic jaggery to your list of sweets or beverages to strengthen your immunity. Also available in jaggery cubes, it has no synthetic preservatives. It acts as a detoxifying agent, and has multiple other health benefits that help you in digestion, resisting infections and preventing constipation.

Jaggery Powder 500gms

200.00 150.00

Nutrigain Organics Jaggery is an¬†excellent and naturally healthy sweetener. That contain a good quantity of sucrose, it is golden brown in colour and has a distinct taste unlike the plain sweetness of sugar. … Jaggery can also be used to make sweets.