Harshal Jagdale

Founder, Owner, Director

As a human race, we face a multitude of health problems. Small health issues to diseases that are unheard of. A major cause of the health challenges we face today as a society come from what we eat. Mr. Harshal Jagdale, is not just a believer but has studied the effects of organic food on the human body. This is the single most reason that prompted him to start Nutrigrain Organics. Mr. Harshal carries over 20 years of rich experience in the farming sector. His passion for farming and his vision of offering food that can reduce the cause of health problems made Nutrigrain Organics a company that believes in going back to the good old ways of producing and eating food. As more and more people become conscious eaters Mr Harshal Jagdale, will continue to drive his organisation on the path of healthy eating and living.